Mothers Day Health Packages Offer

Mother's Day Offer Packages

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True Mother Care Package




True Living Woman Care - Basic

((33 Tests))


True Living Senior Care Female

((76 Tests))



True Living Midlife Care Female




True Living Active Woman Care




Certified Diagnostic Centre. Affordable Pricing. Online Reporting.


Assurance of Quality

Sophisticated Lab Testing Technology to deliver accurate report.


Efficient Testing, Faster Results

Turnaround time of 3 hours* for your reports


Affordable Pricing

Get exclusive discounts on health packages.


Experienced Clinical Team

Experienced doctors whose clinical expertise, gives error free accurate test results.

How Does Our Process Work?

Booking Received & Time of Collection Confirmed

Arrive At Your Location For Sample Collection

Sample Processed At Our Advanced Lab

Reports Delivered Through SMS, Email & Print

Why Aster Labs

Aster Labs from the Aster DM Health care Group is committed towards providing highest quality standards and performing every test with minimal human intervention. All to give a test report patients can truly trust.

We are proud to inherit the Aster DM healthcare legacy of trust and quality. Aster DM healthcare Portfolio includes hospitals, clinics, diagnostics labs & retail pharmacies. Headquarter in Dubai, The Aster DM network now encompasses 20000+ employees, 2800 + doctors, with several JCI- accredited clinics & diagnostic centres.

We have 1 national reference laboratory situated in Bangalore and 1 regional reference laboratory in Navi Mumbai and 98+ centres spread across Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Maharashtra.

Our state-of-the-art reference lab is granted with NABL accreditation. The accreditations help us to live up with a promise of providing the best patient care. Laboratory test results impact many areas of our daily lives and having an International Accreditation in Medical Testing Laboratory helps ensure consistent, high quality, and accurate results to our patients.