There have been advancements in the field of pathology, the recent being digital pathology. This has been considered as a disruptive technology.

Digital pathology is currently being used for primary tissue diagnosis and a few platforms have been FDA approved as well. The other uses of digital pathology are for remote consultations, expert consults across the globe, slide archiving, sharing of slides for academic and teaching purposes.

The recent advance in digital pathology has been computational pathology. This encompasses Image analysis with the incorporation of validated algorithms. Breast cancer algorithms for ER, PR, Her2/neu and Ki67 scoring are found to be very accurate on image analysis.

These algorithms have removed the inter-observer variability and have led to a confident diagnosis. The recent algorithms being developed are for Gleason’s score in prostate cancer and PDL-1 scoring in cancer tissues. There is a lot of research and development going on in this field as there is a huge potential for the data generated from the whole slide imaging (WSI).

By Dr. Vidya MN