• Vitamin B12 or cobalamin is a critical nutrient that helps to make your red blood cells and DNA genetic material .
  • It also plays an important role in nerve function, heart health and prevents neuropsychiatric disorder.
  • Symptoms: tingling or prickly feelings in legs or hands, difficulty in walking, forgetfulness, weakness, high levels of homocysteine levels in blood and anaemia/ low blood haemoglobin levels.
  • Recommended Dietary Allowance(RDA) for Indians is 1mcg/day .
  • Find out from your health care professional or nutritionist today and it is necessary to check B12 annually to stay nutritionally fit!
  • The Vegetarian or vegan source of B12:It is notoriously hard to source natural B12 for vegans. Recent analyses revealed that some plant-sourced foods, such as certain fermented foods, edible algae, kefir and mushrooms, contain substantial amounts of bioactive vitamin B12 .
  • Dietary Sources:Vitamin B12 is mostly found in animal products. Healthy dietary sources include shell fish, shellfish, crab, egg yolk, smaller amounts in milk, or dairy.

By Ms. Edwina Raj