Aster Labs has been granted NABL Accreditation (ISO 15189 Standard) in April 2020, thus enabling the Aster group to live up with it’s promise towards providing the best patient care. The True Test.

Laboratory test results impact many areas of our daily lives and having an International Accreditation in Medical Testing Laboratory helps ensure consistent, high quality, and accurate results to its patients.

NABL in turn has established its accreditation system in accordance with International Standard-ISO/ IEC 17011: 2017 “Conformity Assessment – Requirements for Accreditation bodies accrediting conformity assessment bodies‟. In order, to enable global acceptance of its accredited Conformity Accreditation Bodies (CABs), NABL is Mutual Recognition Arrangements (MRA) signatory to ILAC as well as APAC for the accreditation programs.

ISO Accreditation in Medical Testing Laboratory certifies that the lab remains committed towards best quality system processes, with it’s state of the art infrastructure, finest lab equipment, dedicated and robust quality team, and competent, well-experienced and trained staff, and consultant doctors.

The Lab is also enrolled in national and international external quality assurance programs (EQAS), which provide a good bench marking at an international level, and a scope for continuous improvement in this niche segment of medical diagnostic laboratories.

The Lab performs daily quality checks across all test parameters, to ensure accuracy and precision of all test results.

The Aster labs team with it’s experienced and well-trained consultant doctors, hailing from renowned medical centres across the country ensures high standards of Quality are adhered to in practise. The team keeps itself up-to-date with the upcoming newer modalities in the field of medical testing, and follows the latest International guidelines for reporting.

Aster labs is equipped with state of the art equipment, which pass through stringent quality checks following International guidelines and protocols, before they are deemed fit for processing of tests.

The continuing commitment of Aster labs towards high quality standards plays a pivotal role in ensuring that it provides trust-worthy, reliable, high quality, affordable and accurate reports consistently.