Kidney Function Test (KFT Test)

Kidney Function Test (KFT Test)


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*Urea *Creatinine *Uric Acid *Protein Total*Albumin *A:G Ratio *Alkaline Phosphatase *Calcium *Phosphorus *Electrolytes, serum

Kidney Function Test (KFT)

Kidney function tests, also known as renal function tests or KFT tests, are blood tests done to determine renal health and assess kidney functions.

Why is the Kidney function test Prescribed?

It is recommended to evaluate kidney functioning in the normal individual as screening test. The doctor recommends a Kidney function test (KFT) as part of a routine check-up to diagnose any disease affecting the kidneys, monitor the treatment efficacy of kidney disease, and detect patients at risk of any renal disease, Conditions harming the kidneys like diabetes and hypertension, to detect and evaluate chronic renal disease. At Aster, the kidney function test price is very reasonable and ranges from Rs. 300 to Rs. 800, depending on the location of the lab.

What are the Components of Kidney function tests?


  • Serum Urea

test is done to evaluate renal function and hemodialysis therapy, hydration, liver function, assess nutritional support, evaluate patients with lymphoma after chemotherapy, monitor effects of the drugs known to be nephrotoxic or hepatotoxic.


  • Serum Creatinine

An increased level indicates acute or chronic kidney failure, urinary tract obstruction, nephrotoxic drugs, hypothyroidism.

A decreased level indicates reduced muscle mass.


  • Serum Uric Acid- Uric acid blood levels vary from day to day

High level may be caused by Kidney disease, some types of cancer, severe liver disease, other disorders such as alcohol dependence, preeclampsia, hypothyroidism, Gout.

Low level may be caused by severe liver disease or in patients not eating enough protein.(Low body mass)


  • Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN)

An increased level may signify acute or chronic renal failure, dehydration, shock, burns, CHF, GI bleeding.

A decreased level signifies hepatic failure, nephrotic syndrome.

Procedure and prerequisites

3ml Blood sample is taken from the vein. Alcohol should be avoided before the test. No fasting required.

Reference range

Serum Urea <39 mg/dl
Serum Creatinine 0.50-1.80 mg/dl
Serum Uric Acid 2.6-6.0 mg/dl
Blood urea Nitrogen 7.0-18.0 mg/dl

These values are for theoretical reference and may vary from laboratory to laboratory and person to person.


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