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There are some scenarios where the money collected from customers for the lab services needs to be refunded fully or partially.

  1. Reasons for full refund
    1. Due to poor network or server issues, customers make multipleattempts to pay.
    2. Extra amount charged by phlebotomist by mistake – e.g.2000 instead of 200.
    3. Customer refuses to give PP sample.
    4. Fresh specimen required in case previous specimen’s quantity is not sufficient to perform test. However, customers refuse to give fresh specimens.
    5. . In case the laboratory is unable to give report due to non-availability of kits.
    6. In case the registration is completed, and money paid by customer however the phlebotomist is unable to draw the blood- (new-born / elderly/ difficult vein).
    7. Some exceptional cases where the services are compromised or there is report discrepancy.
  2. Reasons for partial refund
    1. If the registration is completed and later identified that the wrong test was selected by phlebotomist / front desk. The fresh accession is done with correct test then the difference amount must be refunded.

Procedure for refund

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