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Semen analysis

Print Exact Time of Collection on Specimen Container and Test Request form Patient Should Refrain from Ejaculation for 2-7 Days (Ideally 3 Days) Prior to Collection Specimen Must Be Obtained by Masturbation Only Immediately Prior to Collection, Patient Should Urinate, Wash Genital Area with Warm Water and Dry the Part Collect the Entire Ejaculate Specimen Must Be Kept at Body Temperature (Shirt Pocket- 37°C) After Collection

Semen Analysis Test

The semen analysis is the single most important test for investigation in cases of male infertility. It is also called sperm count test and assesses male sperm condition. Semen is the liquid which contains sperm and certain other substances and is released during ejaculation.

Why is the Semen Analysis Test prescribed?

The doctor recommends a semen analysis to find out the cause in case a couple is having difficulty in getting pregnant due to some reasons /factors suspected in male partner. This test is also done in males after VASECTOMY (procedure done in males for permanent sterilisation) to ensure that sperms are not present in semen.

What are the components of Semen Analysis?

  • Appearance - it is grey and opaque in appearance with musty odour.
  • Consistency - it is viscous in consistency.
  • Volume - normal volume is 2-6 ml.
  • Ph-alkaline with range 7.3-8.0.
  • Liquefaction - semen coagulates just after ejaculation and liquifies in 30 minutes.
  • Total number - it is the total number of sperms present in one ejaculate.
  • Concentration - it is total number of sperms present in 1 ml of semen.
  • Motility - it is the movement of sperm after ejaculation which is essential for fertility.
  • Morphology - it depicts the sperm shape in analysis.
  • Vitality - it is the percentage of live sperm in semen sample.

Abnormal test results could indicate multiple problems like infertility, infection, hormone imbalance disease like diabetes or exposure to radiation.

Procedure and prerequisites

Semen sample for analysis should be collected by masturbation(preferably). The patient is asked to collect complete sample in wide mouthed, sterile, dry plastic container. Sample is collected after 2-3 days of complete abstinence (no ejaculation). Avoid alcohol, caffeine and other medications before the test


  • Volume - 1.5ml or more
  • Total number - 39 million per ejaculate or more
  • Concentration - 15 million sperm per ml or more
  • Total Motility - 40%or more
  • Progressive Motility - 32%or more
  • Vitality (Live Sperms) - 58% or more
  • Sperms Morphology - 4% or more with normal forms
  • Ph - 7.2 to 8.0
  • Leucocyte - less than 1 million per ml

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