Haemoglobin Test

Haemoglobin Test


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Haemoglobin Blood Test

A routine haemoglobin blood test examination is a blood test usually done with a haematocrit or as part of a complete blood count test to diagnose or screen several conditions and diseases that affect red blood cells (RBCs)

Why is the Haemoglobin blood test Prescribed?

A doctor may prescribe a haemoglobin test as a part of a routine check-up or in the following conditions

  • Generalized weakness or fatigue
  • Thalassemia
  • Anaemia (low haemoglobin)
  • Polycythaemia (High haemoglobin)
  • Inherited blood disorder
  • Blood transfusions.
  • Infections of longer duration
  • Blood loss in injury or surgical procedure
  • Diet low in iron and minerals

What are the components of haemoglobin blood tests?

Haemoglobin is an iron-containing protein in red blood cells (RBCs) with an oxygen binding capacity, it also gives blood the red colour. It carries oxygen to the lungs. The haemoglobin test measures the amount of haemoglobin in a sample of blood.

Low haemoglobin indicates Anaemia which can be-

  • Due to severe bleeding, which may be due to trauma, injury, ulcers, polyp, colon cancer, haemorrhoids, or heavy menstrual bleeding. 
  • Due to deficiency of iron, folate, or B12 deficiency.
  • Bone marrow disorders such as aplastic anaemia, leukaemia, lymphoma, or multiple myeloma 
  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Chronic inflammatory diseases or conditions
  • Thalassemia
  • Conditions causing excessive destruction of RBC like sickle cell anemia, Hemolytic anemia, hereditary spherocytosis, G6PD deficiency

High haemoglobin indicates polycythaemia which can be due to

  • Lung disease
  • Congenital heart disease
  • Kidney tumours that produce excess erythropoietin
  • Genetic disorders
  • Dehydration
  • Smoking

Procedure and prerequisites

A blood sample is taken from the vein in the arm using a small needle. There is no need to fast if one is going only for a hemoglobin test, but if other blood tests are also recommended, the patient needs to fast as guided by the doctor.

Reference range

Adult Male 13 to 17g/dl
Adult Female 12 to 15 g/dl

These values are for theoretical reference and may vary depending on age, gender.

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