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Whenever you go for a pathology test at any renowned diagnostic center or path lab, you certainly look for credible reports. The lab reports can assure you the accuracy and the truth of its certainty. But do you search for a lab near you for a blood test, which assures giving a credible report? Certainly Not.

You need to do thorough research on the different labs available in your vicinity. Aster Labs is one such brand that offers a hassle-free test process and ensures you get the most accurate lab reports every single time. As of Nov-2021, we have our centers in various cities in Karnataka & Kerala and by 2022 we plan to open more centers in other states of India. 

Our Pathology labs in Bangalore & Kerala offer 2,500+ clinical tests and services to patients. Equipped with the latest technology and high-tech lab testing equipment, Aster Labs ensures minimal human intervention, hence no human errors and the most accurate lab results at a fast turn-around time. 

About Aster Labs

The foundation of Aster DM Healthcare was laid decades ago with a single clinic. But down the line, Aster DM Healthcare firm expanded its roots into nine other countries, showing great signs of transitions and progress in the Middle East, Far East & India.

Headquartered in Dubai, Aster DM Healthcare covers the full spectrum of healthcare portfolio including Hospitals, clinics, Diagnostic centers, and Retail-Pharmacies.

Aster launched its first Pathology Lab in India under the brand name "Aster Labs" in 2020 and since then it has seen a marvelous expansion in a very short time. Currently, Aster Labs has its diagnostic centers in Bangalore and other important cities in south India which include Mangalore, Kochi, Kannur, Trivandrum, and Perinthalmanna.

Aster Labs Accreditation

In April 2020, Aster Labs received the NABL Accreditation (ISO 15189 Standard). This Accreditation authenticates that the results produced by the lab are credible, and accurate. Aster Labs has also enrolled in the international and national external quality Assurance programs, known as EQAS. This provides an International benchmark and helps the Lab to meet the timely improvements in medical lab mechanisms.

Aster Labs Specialties


Aster labs is certainly one of the top recommendations when you search on the web for a lab near me for a blood test. Aster path labs have an extensive range of diagnostic services for several blood-related problems. Following is the list of blood disorder diagnoses conducted at Aster Labs.:

A) Anemia
B) Bleeding and thrombotic diseases
C) Haemoglobinopathies detection
D) Routine Haematology 
E) Analysis of blood fluid 


Aster Labs performs all conventional, unconventional, automated, or manual approaches to diagnose the disorder or disease caused by microbiological organisms. The diagnostic services related to this are:

A) Culture: Body fluids, pus, blood, urine, etc.
B) Diagnosis of Tuberculosis using an automated and manual platform. 
C) Mycology: Fungi-related disorders.
D) Bacteriology: Use of automated mass systems to identify yeast, fungi, bacteria, mycobacteria.


At Aster Labs, we ensure delivering the true test results every single time to our patients and the NABL Accreditation is the proof for the same. Aster labs have trained and qualified staff with the latest technology sample testing equipment. We also offer a Home collection for the blood samples if you are not willing to visit the lab. Therefore, if you're looking for the best path labs in Bangalore or Kerala, Aster Labs is always available at your service.