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Foods that hike your blood sugar levels

All you need to know about those cranky foods that are bringing a spike in your sugar levels known as hyperglycaemia which is impairing your health and quality of life! We, Nutritionists, identify them as high glycaemic and load foods that not only raise your sugar levels rather have undesirable effects by increasing the risk of developing chronic diseases.

High glycaemic index foods are those that converts and release carbs to sugar into your blood rapidly.

The foods which have a glycaemic index more than 70 and a glycaemic load more than 20 than should be re-considered and included as mentioned in your prescribed meal plan.

Glycaemic Load (GL) is based on the glycaemic index and GL of a diet can be lowered by choosing foods with low GI or by reducing the quantities of carbohydrates consumed or by a combination of both. Long term consumption of high GL foods is associated with an increased risk of uncontrolled sugar levels and coronary heart disease.

Keeping your sugar levels under control can be challenging but definitely possible with a holistic approach which involves frequent consultation with your Doctor and Nutritionist. You can take a glance on foods that are commonly used, need to be smartly incorporated in your diet rather than excluding them in your meal:

Type of food

Glycaemic index

Glycaemic load

Polished white boiled rice

73 ± 4


Ragi(finger millet)




81 ± 6



76 ± 4


Finger millet with fenugreek fiber



Potato boiled

78 ± 4


White bread

75 ± 2


Next time when someone recommends you any product please do look for carbohydrate content, type, and glycaemic index rather than blindly accepting this advices.

By Ms. Edwina Raj