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"Prevention is better than Cure". This is a common proverb we all have heard.

In today’s world health issues are very common. Sudden death due to cardiac arrest has been increasing these days leaving everyone puzzled that how can this happen so suddenly and what we  could have done to avoid this. Diagnostic centres have come up to provide a universal solution for this issue.


Role of Diagnostic Centre

1. Prevention

After the Covid pandemic, we have greatly realized the importance of diagnostic centres in the prevention of disease. Infectious disease if diagnosed early can be prevented from spreading from one person to another and thus community spread can also be prevented. Also, we take care of our health by doing regular check-ups so that many diseases can be prevented by taking proper remedial action and making lifestyle changes on time.

2. Diagnosis

The Diagnostic centres have many healthcare schemes which help to choose the right test as per our age and symptoms which thus helps us in diagnosing diseases on time. Early detection helps us to take early intervention by consulting the doctor and starting medication at the right time.

3. Monitoring

Many healthcare parameters need to be monitored frequently to understand the disease progression and corrective action can be taken immediately to prevent further damage. The Diagnostic centre also plays a major role in monitoring the population for chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension as they have long-term effects on our vital organs like Kidneys.

4. Screening

The Diagnostic centre plays a major role in screening the population for diseases. Screening is important for both males and females for early detection of Cancer. All males should be screened for prostate cancer and females for breast and cervical cancer as they are common cancer and sometimes shows no symptoms and can be detected by screening. Also, regular health screening helps to identify many chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension.

5. Prognosis

If the disease is already detected and the patient is under treatment, they need to do certain tests regularly to see the prognosis of the disease. For cancer, there are tumour markers and genetic tests done to check for the prognosis of the disease.


Benefits of Diagnostic Centre

1. Quality Reporting

Diagnostic centres are equipped with advanced instruments and well-trained staff which offer quality reporting.

2. To provide the best treatment options

It helps the treating physician to find the best way to treat the condition based on quality reporting

3. Home-collection services

The Diagnostic centre also provides home-collection services for blood and urine test which helps in diagnosing or screening  diseases at one own comfort.

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