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A timely Body check-up gives an alarm about the malfunctioning of the body. We never go for full body checkups until and unless we fall sick, but we all know that Prevention is better than Cure. So regular body check ups after a particular age will prevent us from many diseases which if detected early can be treated early.

Importance of Body Check-ups

1. Preventing Serious diseases in elderly

The Elderly population are prone to many metabolic diseases like Diabetes, hypertension and thyroid-related problems. Old age is also prone to get cancer due to lower immunity. Regular body checkups can help them to detect disease and take preventive action to manage complications before the disease progresses to a stage to damage vital organs which otherwise can be irreversible.

2. Diagnosing mid-age diseases

As age advances we become prone to certain diseases which if detected early can be treated or modified by medication or changing lifestyle. To diagnose this full body check ups should be done compulsorily after 40 years

3. Early Detection of Cancer

Dreadful diseases and Cancer can be diagnosed early by Full Body checkups before they reach  a stage which is non-treatable.

4. Monitoring disease progress

Full body check-up helps doctors to monitor the disease and make changes in the treatment accordingly.


Benefits of Body Checkups

1. Saves the Cost of Healthcare

Diseases if diagnoses early can be treated early and we can prevent complications to develop. Late diagnosis will lead to late treatment and development complications with deterioration of vital organ function which is irreversible.

2. Saves lives

Some diseases can be fatal if not treated early. Cancer is one of the most fatal diseases which we all know can be treated only in the early stages. Regular body check-ups can diagnose diseases even before the symptoms appear and can save one’s life from the most dreadful disease.

3. Prevent Hospitalization and long-term complication

Early diagnosis leads to early treatment which can prevent damage to vital organs and thus prevent complications. Thus it reduces the cost of medication and cost due to hospital stays.

4. Motivates to live a healthy lifestyle

Regular body checkups motivate us to live a healthy lifestyle as leading a stressful and sedentary lifestyle can cause many diseases also consuming alcohol can damage our liver and smoking can cause diabetes, hypertension and other issues. This can only be known if we do regular body check ups and identify why the issue is happening.

Dr. Swati Pandey

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