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Complete Body Panel Test (Full Body Panel Test)






12 hours Overnight Fasting is Mandatory.


24 Hours



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BIOCHEM 26 TEST PANEL Hemogram Lipid ProfileExtended Urine R/E

12 hours Overnight Fasting is Mandatory.

Complete Body Panel Test Overview

A complete body panel test commonly known as a complete body checkup is a screening test used by doctors to get a complete overview of a person’s health. This panel test uses various individual tests to understand the existing conditions or risk factors that a person has, which can affect their health. Based on the reports, doctors order additional diagnostic tests to confirm their diagnosis and create a treatment plan to help treat the symptoms and/or risk factors.


When Is A Complete Body Panel Test Prescribed?

A whole body checkup or a complete body panel test is prescribed by doctors to get a good idea about a patient’s general health. It can also be required by health insurance providers to assess the risk factors and preexisting conditions that an applicant has before the insurance is sold to them. A complete body panel mainly involves a thorough blood work of the patient. 


Currently, diagnostic centers allow patients to opt for a complete body panel test on their own volition as well. So, patients can opt for it themselves and visit a doctor if there’s any concern in the reports. Although this practice is not recommended as diagnostic tests should only be performed based on the prescription of a doctor.


Components of a Complete Body Panel Test

The individual components of a complete body panel test include:

  • A0307 
  • Hemogram 
  • Lipid Profile Extended 
  • Urine R/E

These tests are used by doctors to diagnose and study the risk factors of general illnesses that are most common among people of different sex and age groups.


Procedure And Prerequisites

A complete body panel test may involve only blood tests or blood and urine tests. Based on the doctor’s orders, the procedure for each test may vary. As a prerequisite fasting overnight at least 12 hours before the time of sample collection in the morning is absolutely mandatory for a complete body panel test. This helps ensure that the test results are as accurate as possible.

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