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Creatinine Serum Test






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The Creatinine serum test is a blood test done to assess the functional capacity of your kidneys. Creatinine is a chemical that is released in bloodstream from the muscles in your body every day. Results of creatinine tests are interpreted along with BUN results, and with other tests results that may have been performed at the same time, such as a renal panel. BUN and creatinine levels that are within the ranges established by the laboratory performing the test suggest that your kidneys are functioning as they should.

Why is the creatinine serum test prescribed?

High levels are seen in:

Low blood levels of creatinine are seen in:


These values are for reference and may vary from laboratory to laboratory

  • Damage to or swelling of blood vessels in the kidneys (glomerulonephritis) caused by, for example, infection or autoimmune diseases
  • Bacterial infection of the kidneys (pyelonephritis)
  • Death of cells in the kidneys' small tubes (acute tubular necrosis) caused by, for example, drugs or toxins
  • Conditions that can block the flow of urine in the urinary tract, such as prostate disease or kidney stone
  • Reduced blood flow to the kidney due to shock, dehydration, congestive heart failure, atherosclerosis, or complications of diabetes
  • Decreased muscle mass - Muscular dystrophy, old age
  • Severe liver & kidney diseases 3.Prolonged low protein diet
Serum creatinine level
0.60-1.10 mg/dl

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