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Today, healthcare in the post pandemic era has seen a sea of change. Awareness among the general population regarding healthcare is at an all-time high and we are seeing a rise in individuals who would like to screen themselves for various conditions much before the actual onset of symptoms or disease.

Apart from infectious disease, India is witnessing a surge in the NCDs i.e., the non-communicable disease such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity, hypertension, cancer etc. These conditions when caught early on, would be easier to prevent and manage rather than waiting for the actual onset of the disease.

In such scenarios, it is highly advisable to schedule full body checkups especially for individuals over 30 years of age. A major part of these checks would be the various blood tests which screen for diabetes, heart disease, thyroid conditions, liver and kidney disorders and anemia.

Today several whole-body check-ups are available which are tailor made for various age groups. These include complete body check-ups for middle aged individuals, full body health checkup packages for diabetics, couple packages, senior citizens, pre-marital check-ups, special packages for ladies, individuals with heart disease and individuals with liver and kidney disease.

These full body checkup packages have the advantage of getting screened for multiple conditions in a single sitting at minimal cost to the individual.  Although it may sound cliched, prevention is better than cure, and if these full body tests do show any risk, preventive measures can be started at the earliest. Even some of the cancers such as cervical cancer and prostate cancer can be caught early on if regular screening tests are done. And apart from screening, individuals having chronic conditions such as diabetes and kidney disease can use these packages to monitor their conditions regularly without additional excessive economic burden.

However, one must remember to choose their health care provider wisely and get their regular health checkups from labs which follow stringent quality protocols for testing rather than fall for dubious providers providing unreal gimmicky discounts.

Full body checkups are thus essential healthcare tools to make wiser lifestyle choices and live a healthy and stress-free life.

Dr. Gourav Agrawal

Senior Specialist