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“Prevention is better than cure” This Proverb is very true in current days as we all know it is better to get screened for any health issues before it comes to an advanced stage. Diagnosis and treatment in an early stage are very crucial, especially in the case of critical illness.

We have so many general health check-up packages which include routine parameters/hormones/special marker tests to diagnose and prevent the disease complications.

Worldwide obesity, diabetes, and cancer are three threats that do not see any age, gender, profession, or location. Many people are suffering from these problems globally and it may lead to associated serious complications. Therefore, we should be proactive in this health screening at regular intervals.

To avoid such conditions Preventive health check-up plays a very vital role. We should take care of our and our loved one’s health at regular intervals. 

Frequency of health check-ups and packages available at Aster Labs -

A) For adults’ basic health check-up packages yearly once is recommended

The following basic health packages are available at Aster labs-
1. True Care Essential
2. True Test Screen
3. True Test Shield
4. True Test Secure
5. True Test Safeguard

B) People more than 40 years should opt for general health check-up packages at least half-yearly. 

Medical check-up packages available for them are-
1. True Living Midlife Care (Male, Female)

C) Senior citizens should go for regular health check-up packages even more frequently based on their health conditions.

We at Aster provide the following packages for them-
1. True living senior care Essential
2. True living senior care (Male, Female)

D) For people who have some morbidity like heart diseases or diabetes, obesity, and hypertension which can affect the heart, should go for a regular health check-up every three months.

They can opt for-
1. True heart care-Quick check
2. True heart care-Basic
3. True heart care-Essential
4. True heart care-Advance 

E) We also provide weekend care packages to closely monitor the disease condition of Liver, Kidney, and diabetes.

F) Women always neglect their health, but she takes care of the entire family so it’s the responsibility of every family member to give priority to her health. Keeping this in mind Aster lab has the following regular health check-up packages for the ladies-

1. True Living Active Women
2. True Living Women Care-Basic

G) Last but not least, every couple should make a goal to take health check-ups yearly to keep close monitoring of their health condition. Aster lab provides True living couple Care package for them.